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I can not capture ocean light inside these gemstones…but they are incredible. I decided to start using practical magic, I have even the dark mess that I hold in my heart and strengthen my “vision” Apatite and cyanide ♥

What inspired me? Your paintings, they're damn good. Well, just set-up a paypal account or something and then I can donate. I know how it is and that many artists don't have the resources to create, even when they have talent. My anonymity is not exactly intentional, I simply don't have a tumblr.

Give me your contact? This is mysterious, but extremely impractical :)

Hi. Do you accept donations, by any chance? I like your stuff and it inspired me to do wonderful things. Now, if I can repay the kindness, then I would like to...

I’m flattered… What inspired you? How would you like to do? The fact is that I cannot develop, because I don’t have enough resources. But why are you hiding behind a mask of anonymity?


Drugs Under The Microscope

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Portrait Study of a Lady, (detail), by James Archer.